Crafting Mobile Content

Speak to marketing executives about mobile, and what likely excites them the most is geolocation—a phone's capability to know the exact location of each customer at any moment. That capability is useful only to the extent that you use it—and that you use it to do something valuable.

Geolocation delivers the ability to send different messages to different prospects based on where they are. Is there a different restaurant message you'd send if the prospect is more than 50 miles from home? Or within three blocks of one of your stores? Or within 100 meters (and heading in the direction) of a direct competitor? How about a different message based on the time of day or when the phone's battery level drops below 20 percent? ("Need to recharge your phone's batteries and perhaps your own? Phil's House Of Carbs—fewer than five minutes from your current location—offers both from the comfort of your table.")

Marketers often want to send such messages but can't, because they have no one to create a few hundred custom and compelling messages. We can help.