Creating Content for Blogs & Social Media

Many companies want to have their own blogs but find the results disappointing, mostly because not enough prospects visit the pages. That's generally because the companies lack a compelling content strategy and instead use the blog to blast out whatever marketing message they want.

An effective blog has to be built on the needs and interests of the audience you're trying to attract. We have built more than 100 blogs and Web sites and know how to reach the audience you need while also telling them the messages you need to stress. The two are not mutually exclusive, but it does take some finesse and experience to blend those messages without undercutting each one.

Social media—comments for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn forums, stories in major media, etc.—faces the same issue. Giving customers a reason to regularly visit your social arenas is a lot more complex than offering coupons for someone liking your Facebook page. It means understanding what your prospects care about. Social media can deliver huge credibility, but only if the content strikes prospects as credible. That speaks to the tone of the writing as much as what the copy is actually discussing.