Flipping the Journalism Model: Sending Prospects to Your Site

Since the dawn of the Web—and for a century before that, at newspapers and magazines around the world—the journalism model has been the same. Reporters and editors create compelling content, which attracts the targeted readers to the site. Companies (read advertisers) pay to have small ads on that publisher's site. The site would then provide tiny breadcrumbs of data back (200 people clicked, but we won't tell you who they are). Maybe there is a registration form, but that would deliver an even more microscopic number of people.

What we do is flip that model. We start the same way—creating compelling and exclusive content (see our definition of story surprise, which is essential to attracting and retaining senior executive readers from large enterprises). But we don't own or house the content, or have prospects come to us. You own the content, and it's housed on your site. That means you see everything: Who comes to the site, as well as what stories and comments they look at or post. It also means your salespeople know much more about a prospect before a call is made. For example, prospect 872 seems to read an awful lot of security stories and comments but never clicks on scalability pieces. Another visitor clicks on stories about Europe routinely but not on those about Canada, Australia or Asia.

Our team has created such sites for more than two dozen publishers. How about we create one for you?