No Piece of Content Can Convince Anyone of Anything If It's Never Listened To, Watched or Read

Never has content been a more critical component of any corporate marketing plan, and yet few companies have experienced storytellers on the payroll. Corporate content is incredibly tricky. Let it go too far into the marketing realm and it sounds like a commercial, which repels both customers and prospects. But letting it go too far into the pure editorial arena isn't that much better, as it doesn't advance any of the company's interests. But it will raise the question: "Please tell me again why we're paying for this."

What's needed is content compelling enough to attract and retain customers while supporting and reinforcing the marketing messages your company sends through other channels. Despite the flood of user-created content on blogs and social media, the information that various segments of business people need (what we in journalism call "the hard stuff") is still not being delivered. Many vendors discover that they have a handful of niche audiences that they are unsuccessfully trying to reach—perhaps programmers who specialize in an arcane programming language or retailers selling an uncommon product. The Content Firm's expertise is in figuring out the disconnect between information that those niche prospects need or want and what existing media outlets are currently delivering—and then creating that desired content.

Whether it's a blog, social media, podcasts, in-depth research or location-customized mobile content, The Content Firm can deliver those customers to you.

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