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Health app developers face their biggest obstacle: Privacy regulations

Mobile apps for health care have broken new ground in monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment. Next week, some of the most advanced will be highlighted at the SXSW Accelerator competition. Read full story

White House proposal for sharing corporate security info seems full of holes

White House efforts to push companies to share sensitive security information intensified this week, with an executive order from President Barack Obama on February 12 and a conference of industry leaders in Silicon Valley the next day. Read full story

Amazon learns how to fail faster

In just the last couple of days, Amazon shut down its private-label diaper product (only six weeks after launch) and withdrew its' mobile wallet (six months after a prominent rollout). Read full story

Mastercard v. Nike lawsuit could have huge implications for tech hiring

MasterCard's decision to go to federal court last week and sue Nike for $5 million because it hired away several IT security people may force the courts to remap the boundaries of corporate recruiting. Read full story

The biggest security debacles of 2014 show that enterprises are still failing at the basics

As 2014 wraps, it's safe to say that we have had some of the most publicized devastating data breaches in years, including massive hacks on Target, JP Morgan Chase, and Sony. Read full story