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Health app developers face their biggest obstacle: Privacy regulations

Mobile apps for health care have broken new ground in monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment. Next week, some of the most advanced will be highlighted at the SXSW Accelerator competition. Read full story

Where will HIT security be in 3 years?

There's good news and bad news. Read full story

Why does healthcare resist encryption?

The most basic security truth in 2014 is that encryption done properly -- a high enough level of encryption, proper safeguarding of the encryption key -- is the best thing an IT department can do. Read full story

Top healthcare CISOs hard to come by

Attitudes, requirements in healthcare security rapidly changing. Read full story

Social media nightmare for health IT

Our columnist would hate to have to issue a concrete definition – acceptable to folks in hospital legal departments – of 'sensitivity'. Read full story

Apple's new release features Mayo app

Offering presents benefits, raises security questions. Read full story

CDC on EHR errors: Enough's enough

Problems go way beyond outdated software. Read full story

Feds begin HIPAA probe in Cincinnati

At issue are records of a patient posted on Facebook. Read full story

Cincinnati center hit with privacy suit

Illustrates IT and other complexities hospitals face in keeping patient data private and secure. Read full story

When analytics falls short

Some analyses turn out to be highly inaccurate. Read full story

Apple makes promise of more health bits

Digital giant raises privacy and security worries in the process. Read full story

What Stanford's implant find may mean

Findings could lead to tiny implants, deeper into the body. The implications are staggering. Read full story

Montana health data breach a textbook example of what not to do

When issuing press releases about compromised data, words matter. Read full story

Medical kiosks raise security flags

These kiosks 'are very exciting and they look very sexy, but it all comes with a price.' Read full story

iOS changes will address HIPAA risk

In the meantime, MAC address broadcasts are still a threat to privacy. Read full story