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Restaurant analytics strategy

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Financial security rules

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Hospital RFID trial

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Technology hiring issues

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Why security coders think like musicians

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Case Study The 10-Minute Business Analytics Podcast

When analytics software company Numetric wanted to expand its thought leadership and reach more data scientists, it worked with The Content Firm to create The 10-Minute Business Analytics Podcast. But instead of using it to only showcase its own executives, it tasked us with finding the best analytics visionaries and interviewing them.

The show, which featured analytics executives from Walmart, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Neiman Marcus, Farmer's Insurance, Kaiser Permanente and many others, showcased Numetric as an analytics leader and then let the brand speak for itself. Other than a brief reference at the top and bottom of the show that it was "brought to you by Numetric," the only reference to them was a commercial in the middle of the broadcast.
The Content Firm did an amazing job, working with us to create the series from scratch. They helped with distribution strategy, the format, the kinds of guests and everything else, recruiting as guests executives from Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Neiman Marcus among others. As moderator, Evan Schuman used his deep knowledge of a wide range of subjects to keep the conversations flowing and addressing the questions our audience would have asked. They even created a powerful commercial for us, with our CEO-Pete Abilla, VP of Marketing for Numetrics
The Content Firm created Numetric's podcast commercials through an interview with the Numetric CEO.

The journalistic approach to podcasts—with insightful industry-leading guests engaged in a true conversation about issues—proved more effective than any more traditional marketing approach here.
The Ten Minute Business Analytics Podcast

Topic Expertise

That's why the most critical part of our podcasts is to deliver a moderator/interviewer who knows the subject matter intimately. That moderator is acting as a conduit for your prospects, asking the questions that your prospects would ask if they were there.

Soup To Nuts

The Content Firm handles every aspect of the podcasts, from topic identification to recruitment of interviewees to moderating and recording the podcast. In post-production, we clean up the guests' comments (removing uhs, umms, y'knows and awkward pauses) and move comments around to deliver the most direct and efficient answers. For example, let's say that an interviewee is asked about pricing issues at the start of the podcast. Then, five minutes later, during an answer about scalability, he thinks of another pricing concern and shares it. We would move that comment into the pricing section.

Then there's the often-neglected area of strategic distribution. Like all of our content, everything revolves around the audience, the listener, the prospect. That dictates the duration and tone of the podcast. We have decades of experiencing fine-tuning podcasts for different audiences.

Distribution Strategy

As for distribution, should it be only piggybacking on the client’s existing marketing—aka Internal Distribution? Or should it ride the podcast rails, appearing on podcast hosting sites such as Apple, Google, Spotify and a half-dozen others, known as External Distribution? Internal is only seen by someone who already knows your brand and visits your site, social media, etc.. From a sales perspective, internal focuses on people already in your sales funnel. It is the most flexible, but if your goal is reaching prospects who don’t know your brand, external makes far more sense.

Another consideration is whether to include a commercial within a podcast. For certain audiences and topics, we have found these to be extremely effective. First, it frees up the podcast discussion itself to be an entirely and highly-credible exploration of the issue, allowing the commercial to handle the hardsell. Secondly, done properly, commercials can use humor to make the hard-sell compelling and easily shareable.

The Content Firm's people have extensive radio experience, so we know how to create effective content for the ear.