Effectively Creating Podcasts

Podcasts are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of content creation, with users listening to them while commuting, working out or sitting in a waiting room. Audio podcasts are far more flexible, effective and cost-effective than video podcasts given the much more extensive post-production editing possible in audio. (For our suggestions of eleven things you can do to improve your podcasts, please click here. For our further look at how you can improve your podcasts, please click here.)

For podcasts to be effective, they need to deliver new insights and perspective on topics that resonate with the audience. That gets prospects to listen to those podcasts initially. To get them to listen all the way through and to share the podcast with others in their communities (the Holy Grail of word-of-mouth distribution), we need to keep the conversation surprising, informative and highly credible.

Topic Expertise

That's why the most critical part of our podcasts is to deliver a moderator/interviewer who knows the subject matter intimately. That moderator is acting as a conduit for your prospects, asking the questions that your prospects would ask if they were there.

Soup To Nuts

The Content Firm handles every aspect of the podcasts, from topic identification to recruitment of interviewees to moderating and recording the podcast. In post-production, we clean up the guests' comments (removing uhs, umms, y'knows and awkward pauses) and move comments around to deliver the most direct and efficient answers. For example, let's say that an interviewee is asked about pricing issues at the start of the podcast. Then, five minutes later, during an answer about scalability, he thinks of another pricing concern and shares it. We would move that comment into the pricing section.

Then there's the often-neglected area of strategic distribution. Like all of our content, everything revolves around the audience, the listener, the prospect. That dictates the duration and tone of the podcast. We have decades of experiencing fine-tuning podcasts for different audiences.

Distribution, Commercial Strategy

As for distribution, should it be on the client's site? Marketed only on the client's social media? Does a media partner make sense? For attracting prospects who are unfamiliar with your company—and therefore unlikely to visit your site or your social media—external podcast sites can prove essential, sites such as iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, Stitcher, SoundCloud and others.

Another consideration is whether to include a commercial within a podcast. For certain audiences and topics, we have found these to be extremely effective. First, it frees up the podcast discussion itself to be an entirely and highly-credible exploration of the issue, allowing the commercial to handle the hardsell. Secondly, done properly, commercials can use humor to make the hard-sell compelling and easily shareable.

The Content Firm's people have extensive radio experience, having worked at CBS, NPR, ABC, NBC, CNN, AP Radio and other radio networks. We know how to create effective content for the ear.

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